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Really good food with a home town feel

The Village Store has been serving Gilford as a general store since 1836.  As part of the full renovation we completed in 2018, we have also added a full deli and bakery. In the deli, we offer a full selection of sandwiches, salads, and pizza.  In the bakery, the selection is always changing, but you can be sure there will be a variety of cookies, brownies, cream pies, and unique items with a British flare. Stop by in the morning for breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and Good Vibes coffee with our home-made flavored coffee creamers.  We know how busy families are, that is why we have a full cooler dedicated to dinners to go, filled with pot pies, quiche, and mac and cheese.  So come in and check out the “new” Village Store.

Serving Gilford since 1836

Construction of the store began in 1836, we are not exactly sure on what date the store opened its doors for business, but we do know since that day it has been an important part of the Gilford community.  Everybody that grew up in Gilford remembers walking or riding their bike to the store to get candy, everyone remembers the old creaky floors (which are now on the walls), and the huge windows on either side of the front door (one is hanging in the seating area and the other is at the Grange as part of the town's collection). In the beginning, the store was more of a supply store for the local farms, and a place to trade goods. As times changed so did the store, becoming more of a convenience store, adding gas plumps, and a deli.  In 2017 it was closed and an 8-month long renovation was undertaken. New electrical, new plumbing, you name it, the store needed it.  On September 17, 2018, the store reopened, now a convenience store, deli, and bakery.  After all the changes the store has been through over the years one thing remains the same, no matter what is sold there or who owns it, the store is an important part of this community, and the community is an important part of the store. For more information about the store and other historic buildings in Gilford check out The Thompson Ames Historical Society here.

Now Open Tuesday- Saturday 8am-6:30pm