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Here at The Village Store, we try to give you a unique experience, making our own special toppings for our sandwiches, using old family recipes, and tapping into Alex’s British roots in the Bakery.  

The deli menu features both cold and hot-pressed sandwiches, deli salads, hot pastas, soups, and homemade white bean chili daily. 

No time to make dinner? Check out our Dinners To Go Menu.  We carry a variety of Pot Pies, Quiches, and Pastas.  We can even whip you up a family size green salad, just call ahead. 

Having a family gathering, business meeting, or event, check out our new Parties To Go menu. We are offering a variety of appetizers, deli salads, sandwich platters, bakery platters, and breakfast choices. 

Deli Menu

On our Deli Menu, we offer sandwiches that are both traditional and completely original. We make a lot of our own toppings such as apricot jelly, bacon tapenade, olive tapenade, and Italian relish.  Our tuna salad and chicken salad are definitely not the same old, same old.  We offer a large variety of deli salads, as well as lasagna casserole, chicken broccoli Alfredo, and the kid's favorite, mac and cheese.  We also have a weekly soup special and our homemade white bean chili daily. Click here for a printable deli menu.

Dinners to Go

The kid's games go into overtime or maybe you’re just too tired to cook?  We have you covered…….

Grab a pot pie, quiche, mac and cheese, lasagna casserole, or chicken broccoli Alfredo from our Dinners To Go cooler. If you call ahead we can also make you a family-sized salad. We try to keep Chicken Broccoli Pot Pie, Broccoli Mushroom Quiche and Mac and Cheese in the cooler at all times, and we offer a large variety of items on a rotating basis and also for special orders. Click here for printable dinners to-go menu.

Parties to Go

Our new Parties To Go menu is here to cover all your needs. We have a variety of appetizers, including our homemade cheese spreads, and hummus for small gatherings.  We can also provide various deli salads, warm pasta dishes, and a selection of sandwich platters.  We have a number of bakery options, and of course, we can do custom cakes for any occasion. For breakfast gatherings, not only do we offer a number of delicious pastries, but we also have yogurt parfaits, eggs benedict strata, and Good Vibes coffee, with our homemade flavored coffee creamers. Click here for printable parties to go menu.